ALMA Awards Fashion Best & Worst Dressed! (Photos & Video)

ALMA Awards Fashion Best & Worst Dressed! George Lopez & Eva Longoria

By Jen Lopez (Best Dressed) Krystal Xavier (Worst Dressed)

The NCLR Alma Awards was just as anyone said it would be, AMAZING! Although the awards have not aired yet, it doesn’t hurt to see what you can look forward to.

The fashion this Sunday was great! It was hard to choose who was best dressed, but I was able to narrow it down to the top 5 best dressed.

Be sure to tune in Sept. 21st at 8 p.m. ET on NBC!


#1 Best Dressed Diego Boneta (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images NCLR)


#2 Best Dressed Wilmer Valderrama


#3 Best Dressed Jovanny Venegas


#4 Best Dressed Taboo


# 5 Best Dressed Ryan Lochte


#1 Best Dressed Eva Longoria

#2 Best Dressed Zoe Saldana

#3 Best Dressed America Ferrera

#4 Best Dressed Fernanda Romero

#5 Best Dressed Janney ‘Chiquis’ Marin


Now for the worst dressed list I definitely have to give it up to all the men for not placing on the hot mess list…. even though there were a few but not enough to make it on the list. On the other hand the ladies definitely were a fashion nightmare on the red carpet. For many it was a gothic nightmare early Halloween on the Red Carpet! See who looked a hot mess below:

#9 Worst Dressed Constance Marie – I just love Constance, and I dreaded putting her on the list. But unfortunately the dress is a mess. Constance next time let’s stay with your usual designers.

#9 Worst Dressed Constance Marie

#8 Worst Dressed Naya Rivera a combination of goth/frankenstein’s little sister with MC Hammer pants. If I’m hiding a surprise in my pants is the game Naya definitely won first place!

#8 Worst Dressed Naya Rivera

#7 Worst Dressed Roselyn Sanchez is such a doll… and a very beautiful one at that… But for the ALMA’s she was celebrating Halloween early as she came as the Bride of Frankenstein.

#7 Worst Dressed Roselyn Sanchez

#6 Nicole Ritchie – she was going for the ‘Gotchic’ ALMA Award Statue which spells dead wrong show.

#6 Worst Dressed Nicole Ritchie

#5 Worst Dressed Judy Reyes it’s a combination of festive under the sea the little mermaid mixed with jungle book adventure  maid. Who know’s maybe this is her ensemble on her new show ‘Devious Maids.’

#5 Worst Dressed Judy Reyes

#4 Aubrey….was probably going for the simple elegant look but only got it with the simple. And got it just right with the too plain too boring look, which makes #4 on the worst dressed list!

#4 Aubrey Plaza

#3 Worst Dressed Q’Orianka Kilcher two words = hooker shoes got to go! The shoes are cute if you are going to the local club… but it’s a no no on the red carpet.

#3 Worst Dressed Q’Orianka Kilcher

#2 Worst Dressed Singers Diana Mera & M’ DELA and instead of double the trouble it’s double the hotmess! The hair… the shoes… everything is a nightmare!

#2 Worst Dressed

Now the #1 Worst Dressed goes to Victoria Rockwell… miss thing looked a disaster wearing a butterfly dress… it’s like who told her this was cute? It’s horrible! Maybe she was going for the I bought this at a yard sale-chic look.

#1 Worst Dressed Victoria Rowell

Make sure to check out RAL’s Red Carpet video below:

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  1. Mike, via Facebook says:

    misspelled Yard Sale Sheek. [yard sale chic]

  2. IMO I think Zoe was better dressed than Eva, and of course Jovanny was wearing that suit well. WTG JV!!

  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….NO.

  4. Looks pretty accurate to me. Roselyn Sanchez looked good but yeah the hair does look like Frankenstein lmao was that the theme seemed like a lot of them had a gothic look to them. Jovanny looked sharp!

  5. "Chic" means stylilsh, fashionable, well dressed, classy, elegant, etc., and yes you can also use "sheek." So looks like they are both correct! Humm!

  6. "Chic" means stylilsh, fashionable, well dressed, classy, elegant, etc., and yes you can also use "sheek." So looks like they are both correct! Humm!

  7. Thanks for voting for me as best dressed! #ALMA

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