SMH: Man Arrested After Planning Sex & Murder For Hire On Mail Order Bride! (Video)

Man Arrested After Planning Sex & Murder For Hire On Mail Order Bride!

By Jen Lopez Today’s SMH comes from Houston, TX where David Sartin could not take a break up from his mail-order bride easily. Instead of moving on with his life, he decided to make a plan...that obviously did not work! Sartin got in contact with someone whom he believed to be a hitman. However, that “hitman” happened to be an undercover agent. Sartin wanted the “hitman” to get his mail-order bride, Elena Barykina, from the Ukraine and ship her in a crate to Houston, TX. Sartin was willing to pay $50,000 for this to be done. He paid $25,000 in advance.

David Sartin and Elena Barykina

He wanted to “get a good week” with Barykina before he killed her off with poison. Sartin and Barykina met online about three years ago. Sartin traveled to the Ukraine a total of six times to meet with Barykina and gave her more than $50,000 to help her singing career. Things turned upside down when Barykina broke it off on July 2011 after she told Sartin she had a Russian boyfriend.

Elena Barykina

Sartin wrote a letter to the InternetScamsWatch website claiming that he considered suicide after she broke it off. But instead of that, he tried to kidnap her...and fail! See the news report below
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