Caught On Camera: Tourist Beaten, Robbed & Stripped Naked As Onlookers Cheer! (Video)

Caught On Camera: Tourist Beaten, Robbed & Stripped Naked As Onlookers Cheer! (Video)

By Krystal Xavier Our SMH of the day comes from Baltimore, MD, where a drunk tourist was beaten, robbed and stripped naked in front of a large crowd who did nothing to help, instead they laughed and cheered the criminals on. The entire ordeal was caught on camera! Police in Baltimore have stated that the attack occurred on March 18th after St. Patrick's Day celebrations. And that the ordeal is barely coming to light after two videos went viral. Detective Nicole Monroe with the Baltimore police said "Not only did they rob him, but they attempted to strip him of his dignity. They tore his clothes off; they mocked him. That behavior just will not be tolerated." Reports state that police identified one suspect, but he has not been arrested.

Caught On Camera: Tourist Beaten, Robbed & Stripped Naked As Onlookers Cheer! (Video)

According to police the 31-year-old victim was returning to his hotel room from a downtown Baltimore club when he was attacked. The man who had been drinking told police that he did not recall what happened but of course the "Caught On Camera" videos below tell exactly what happened. In the videos we can see that the man was attacked by about ten attackers and according to police they stole his Tag Heuer watch, money, iPhone, and keys to his Audi. The dazed and defenseless victim was also punched, kicked, and even hit with a shoe by several assailants. In a final indignity, the man is “teabagged” by a male attacker. In a TV interview, Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III urged Baltimore residents to "distinguish between criminality and racially motivated crime." Bealefeld, who is white, warned against "race-baiting" and "fear-mongering" in light of the Trayvon Martin shooting and other recent racially charged incidents. Bealefeld continued with "There's no doubt it's a crime......We need to vigorously hold criminals accountable, and we have to be careful not to be pulled into this race-baiting." On a personal note I am disgusted in the behavior of the criminals, spectators and the people who stood there and did nothing. And as a woman of color I am embarrassed and ashamed of this activity. It is extremely sad to know these individuals glorify violence, but yet when the tables are turned around, they have the audacity to cry wolf. I hope that all individuals are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And hopefully this brings awareness that this type of behavior is not ok, and should not be glorified by any means whatsoever. Share your thoughts and watch the videos below: (Graphic) Get The Latest News On Facebook And :

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