Video: Chris Perez Bothered With Alleged Selena Affair Rumors!

Chris Perez Bothered With Univision Special On Alleged Selena Affair!

By Jovanny Venegas
Earlier today Univision aired a special on the Queen of Tejano Selena titled 'Amor Prohibido' or 'Forbidden Love.' The show interviewed Selena's husband Chris Perez, Selena's killer Yolanda Saldivar, and Dr. Ricardo Martinez who claims he had an affair with the singer. After the airing Chris Perez was not happy with the TV special whatsoever and expressed his sentiment on Facebook with "Enjoying a (somewhat) peaceful night at home. Thanks for having my back guys. I'm not going to comment on the show that was aired. I just wanna keep the vibe in here positive. BUT, if you want to see some real interviews..tune into OWN tv (Oprah's network)...she's interviewing Rihanna and then Jay-Z!" Oprah’s Next Chapter Interview: Rihanna (Live Video)

Chris Perez Bothered With Univision Special On Alleged Selena Affair!

The special talked with Selena's killer Yolanda Saldivar who continues changing her story on why she shot Selena in the back on March 31, 1995 in room 158 at the Day's Inn motel in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Selena's killer Yolanda Saldivar

During the interview Yolanda told another version of the murder and also talked about Selena's alleged affair with Dr. Martinez. Saldivar stated that she was "not happy" with the alleged "affair with Dr. Martinez" and says "I did not approve of the relationship." Yolanda continued with "I regret helping her with the affair....He was giving her everything that she yearned for... the moon and the stars, the support of a man, and also being there for her as a father figure... especially since he was 53-years-old and she was only 23-years-old... That's a 30 year difference!" Martinez who was also married during the alleged affair with Selena says "he was willing to leave his practice and everything else for Selena."

Dr. Ricardo Martinez and Selena

Martinez believes.. if Selena were alive today "the two would be together." Martinez stated that "Selena was ready to make an important decisions in her life and if things went the way they had planned the two would be together." The plastic surgeon talked about his love and said "Selena was very intelligent.... I fell in love with her charisma, her beauty.... Our relationship was pure and full of love." Regarding Selena's murder Martinez said he believes that Yolanda Saldivar was threatening Selena to reveal her alleged "affair with Dr. Martinez to Selena's father Abraham, and the press." And that was the main reason that Selena went to room 158 to meet Yolanda.

Selena Quintanilla-Perez

During the interview Yolanda says that on the day of the shooting the two were arguing and said that "I did not want to be involved anymore in the love triangle between Chris and the Dr. Martinez." Yolanda says she told Selena that Selena's father "Abraham would never let their friendship continue." She then states that "Selena was crying and hugging her" because she did not want her friendship to end. Yolanda says that she asked Selena if she wanted her to kill herself. She then placed the gun to her own head which made the gun went off and shot Selena in the back. Yolanda claims the shooting was an accident.

Selena and Chris Perez

Chris Perez was also in the TV special and was asked about the alleged affair with Martinez. Chris responded "many rumors have been told... Yolanda was the one who started the rumors of the affair." Chris also stated that he did "not believe that Selena was having an affair." He also said that Martinez was a friend of a friend who was helping the couple expand Selena's boutique in Mexico. About the rumors Chris said"it bothers me more that someone would do that. It is what it is... I know the truth."

Chris Perez and Selena

The reporter asked Chris if he would ever want to talk to Yolanda and he responded with "Never, for what she's already done all the damage that she could. What could I tell her? It amazes me that someone would believe anything that she says."

Chris Perez & Selena

At the end of the interview Chris says that if "Selena were alive today the two would still be married with numerous kids." The reporter asked Chris if he has fallen in love with anyone else the way that he loved Selena. He responded with "truthfully no, I haven't loved anyone like I loved Selena, she showed me so much regarding love, that I haven't felt that for anyone else."

Selena & Chris Perez

Regarding the interview Chris made it clear that he never participated in the special and posted "And for the record, I never did an interview for that show. It was an interview where I was promoting the book. Then, at the end, they dropped the stupid questions on me. And of course, that's all they're gonna show. I'm sure they were hoping for a crazy reaction from me...which they didn't get."

Chris Perez Bothered With Univision Special On Alleged Selena Affair!

On a personal note I highly doubt this affair actually existed. During many interviews Selena made it very clear that the love of her life was Chris Perez. When Selena's father wanted to keep her marriage a secret, Selena objected and proudly talked about her marriage. Prior to her death Selena and Chris had bought many acres of land to start building their new home to start a family. As for Yolanda Saldivar as Chris Perez's says who can believe anything that comes out that woman's mouth? She shot her in the back and called her a "b*tch" as she ran after her. She embezzled over $20,000 dollars from the singer. So in reality the woman is a known liar, and who could trust a murderer? I say everyone should stop interviewing this woman, as nothing good comes out her mouth. What do you think? Watch the interviews in the videos below and make sure to like us on Facebook! (En Español) Here's my latest 2015 interview with Chris Perez! And don't forget to subscribe for more interviews! More Selena Quintanilla News: RAL Exclusive Interview: Chris Perez Opens Up In ‘To Selena With Love’ (Video) Chris Perez Slams Howard Stern Says “F*ck That Guy After Talking Sh*t About My Wife” Selena (Video) Selena Hologram Tour! (Video & Poll) Don't forget to Follow me for more Latino Celebrity Variety News!

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  1. WE the FANS will always have Chris and Selena's back! WE GOT THIS!

  2. Marisela Lopez Rios says:

    I dont believe what was said on the show and its ridiculous what people do and say for attention. So sad….


  4. I believe both Yolanda and The Doctor are full of Sh**! And they need to get a life and quit trying to ruin Selenas Image and name. We have Chris and Selenas back 100% and will always believe in them. If Selena were alive Dr. Martinez would probably be in jail for sexual harrasment and stocking Selena becasue he looks like a freakin Creep! ANd Chris and Selena would be happy in their house n acres of land with the many kids they wanted and with the farm Selena wanted. 🙂 We got u Chris no se me aguite… <3

  5. Jacqueline Livinglifegolden Mitchell says:

    Yolanda is as crazy NOW as she was THEN! I don't buy that affair stuff for a second!

  6. Jacqueline Livinglifegolden Mitchell says:

    Dr. Martinez is making a horrible attempt for publicity$$!

  7. Mackenzie Kotrla says:

    I say Yolanda and Dr. Martinez are full of crap! They are just doing it for publicity! That really makes me mad! So insecure and childish! I got your back Chris! Selena would have never done that to you, she loved you! Just wished she would still be alive with all yalls kids and animals, because y’all would be so cute together. <3

  8. Love says:

    Wow guys, the pictures tunerd out great! you guys both look awesome! Jen, love the dress, and you look amazing, so proud of you for stickin’ with it! it definately paid off! Zach you’re lookin’ good too, nice shirt! beautiful pics! love u guys! xoxo

  9. RedAlertLive says:

    Selena's sister Suzette Quintanilla Furious Over Univision Selena Affair Show & Demands Boycott!

  10. Chris Perez is absolutely right on all this..
    Why would anyone believe that lying.
    murderous embezzling ass..
    This murderer is still causing trouble.
    after 18 years of her despicable murder.
    of Selena..

  11. iherb referral code says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally,
    it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, why waste your
    intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  12. Areli Gonzalez says:

    I think that the Martinez guy (I cant even call him doctor) wants publicity, and has for the lying murderer of selena,she wants attention. She has no secret to tell she is making everything up she is pshyco you can tell by all the interviews she has done I mean she truly has some problems she is not right in her head. She just wants to have attention by saying she has a secret that she really doesnt have and shes going to die and never say the supposedly secret and if she does say a supposedly secret before she dies I’m pretty sure is going to be another of her ridiculous lies…… I don’t even think I can feel sorry for a person like that you can tell right away how cold blooded she is and how much she doesn’t give a damn of the murder she committed.

  13. Look Chris you are a faggot. you were never men enough for Selena. i do believe she fell for doctor and was gonna leave you. you let Selena die anyway because you no real man. i wish Yolanda did not kill her so she can be with the doctor who was treating her better than you ever treated her. fuck you Chris Perez

  14. Let her rest in peace and remember her for all she did.

  15. Aurora says:

    Hay alguna cosa que no entiendo, voy a volver a mirarlo y si nó te pregunto por aquí.

  16. Shaki says:

    Sue, I totally bleveie everything happens for a reason as well. I’m so glad you were able to take this challenge during this time in your life it couldn’t have been better timing. It’s so important to have positive things in your life. Just remember the FOM girls are here for you. Let’s try to brainstorm some fun physical activities for our monthly outings!

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