Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold! (Video)

Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

By Jovanny Venegas
When a celebrity passes, all kinds of memorabilia usually pops up left and right! As in the case of Jenni Rivera $200 - $300 piñatas are being sold in California. The piñatas are not your traditional party favorites as they are expensive to make but the creator Roberto Martinez says that "everything is done with respect." In a recent interview with El Gordo y La Flaca Martinez said that since he started making them he has received many requests from fans who are willing to pay top dollar for the piñatas. "It started when fans started requesting something to remember Jenni, someone came up with the idea of a Jenni Rivera piñata," Martinez said.
Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

He continued with "This piñata is harder to make because you have to mold it. I see it as a way of respecting and honoring her memory because she just died, and I'm aware that we use piñatas to beat them with sticks and break them, but I see it differently. It's an art. It can be seen as a statue that you can have in your bedroom or a memory of her." The new "Diva piñatas" as they are called have created a social media controversy as some fans love the idea of a Jenni Rivera statue piñata, while others feel that it is utterly disrespectful to create something of that nature.
Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

Jenni Rivera $300 Piñatas Being Sold!

Jenni's father Pedro Rivera also spoke up regarding the situation and said "It's not a sin that people imitate her, but some people just want to make money using her name. At least they should let us know, and we can reach an agreement because her name is a trademark and it's not up for the use of whoever." What do you think? Are the Diva piñatas in good or bad taste? Take the poll and watch the video below: (Español) Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. Wroooong. The piñata concept has been commercialized so much that it has lost its true meaning. The piñata was born from a pre-hispanic tradition of celebrating the harvest season, that later evolved to the concept of rewarding good behavior and intelligence. From the original stars and moons (harvest celebration) to the burrito (dumb connotation) or the devilish image (evil connotation), where if you destroy them you get the sweet rewards of fruit and candy. Is just few years ago (in tradition terms) that images of "good" characters have been used to match them with prevalent "theme" parties. I learned this after my daughter refused to go and hit "Little Foot" (Land Before Time hero character). The following year was the year of "The Little Mermaid" that her piñata version was sold out, fortunately, when we went to buy one. After searching for an "evil" marine character (e.g. Shark) or at least a "neutral one" (e.g. Shell, Sand Castle, etc.), in three different countries, I settled on making my own "life-size" Ursula (the witch in the movie)… best piñata ever! After that one I have made piñatas of "Scar and the Hyenas (The Lion King)", the "Wicked Witch of the West (Wiz of Oz)", and the "Bogey Man (Nightmare before Christams)". But it seems that I'm a lone voice in a huge desert…

    • Jose Alberto Hermosillo says:

      Disney made a big lawsuit against a pinata maker in the MacArthur Park 10 years ago. So, if they wanna make pinatas of anyone is fine as long the copyrights are not own by that person.

  2. Diamond Bello says:

    I think if someone would pay $300 I don't think they would use the pinata to break it. It would be more like a souvenir. I don't think the man is selling them in bad faith.

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