Jenni Rivera Death Confirmed New Details! (Photos)

Remembering Jenni Rivera 1969 - 2012

By Jovanny Venegas
Everything is like a bad nightmare as the tragic death of Regional Mexican music singer Jenni Rivera's tragic death has been confirmed by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

Remembering Jenni Rivera 1969 - 2012

In a release sent out on earlier today, the NTSB stated that all seven people aboard the Learjet LJ25 plane that crashed in northern Mexico on Sunday morning "were fatally injured including Latin singer Jenni Rivera."

Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Found! No Survivors Reported!

Reports revealed that at around 3:30 a.m. the singer had boarded a plane en route from Monterrey Mexico to the city of Toluca, for the filming of the reality music competition 'La Voz' (The Voice.)

Jenni Rivera's license was found in the wreckage

The wreckage was reported to be unrecognizable Ruiz Esparza told Televisa network "There is nothing recognizable, neither material nor human in the wreckage." After the plane had gone missing a search rescue was ordered with helicopters from local civilian protection agency in Mexico. In a statement from the Mexican ministry of transportation and communication seven people including her publicist, lawyer, makeup artist and the flight crew were believed to be aboard.

Remembering Jenni Rivera 1969 - 2012

The 43-year-old singer had sold over 20 million records and was loved by her millions of fans for her music, personality and for her " telling it like it is attitude."

Remembering Jenni Rivera 1969 - 2012

Even though the singer had been involved in many controversies, she remained humble and is loved by millions of Regional Mexican music fans worldwide. The singer known as 'La Diva de la Banda' also starred in a Mun2 reality show and was about to start working on a comedy series for ABC. Jenni Rivera To Star In ABC Comedy! Jenni was a rag to riches stories growing up poor in Long Beach, CA to selling millions of records worldwide while remaining a community activist involved in various charities.

The last photo boarding the plane prior to the crash!

The last photo prior to the deadly crash was uploaded online from Jenni's make-up artist Jacob Yebale. I still had hope as I waited till an official announcement was made to confirm Jenni's tragic death! Our condolences to Jenni her family, friends and million of fans! May she R.I.P. Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. Jenni seguira viva en todos los corazones no murio solo se fue a vivir junto a "DIOS".

  2. I just watched Jenni Rivera services, Lupito Rivera, her singer bother, and famous too, cried alot, he wrote and proformed (in video, cause he couldn't live, he was to upset, of course) a beautiful song for her, and at the end he did sing her a song, because he wanted to proform live for her, he did a good job but, would break down….it was very sad, and a beautiful service. Ana Gabriel, J. Sebastian and a few other well know artist performed, alot of famous people attended her services and of course alot of fans!

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