Jenni Rivera Divorce Rumors Answered!

Jenni Rivera has sold over 20 million albums

By Jovanny Venegas
Ever since we ran the story regarding Jenni Rivera's Divorce the rumors have spiraled out of control! One rumor was that Jenni Rivera's ex Esteban Loaiza was gay, another one was that he stole money from the singer and the list goes on and on.

Jenni Rivera and ex Esteban Loaiza

Then Jenni's older daughter Chiquis Rivera was thrown in the mix and rumors of her sleeping with her stepdad went out of control.

Chiquis Marin and mom Jenni Rivera

People have commented non-stop and many don't know what to believe as many sources have came forward with details and news of the divorce. Jenni Rivera Divorce Reason & Rumors

Esteban Loaiza and Jenni Rivera address divorce rumors

But now the ex has came forward and addressed some of the rumors Loaiza said "Right now I feel so down about everything that’s happening, but I just have to try to move forward. A lot of things are being said that just aren’t true.”

Ex Esteban Loaiza addresses rumors

Regarding stealing money from his ex the former Major League Baseball pitcher  said "That’s completely false. At this moment I can’t comment anymore about this due to legal reasons....I still respect Jenni and she will always be in my heart. Everything that’s going on is really sad.”

Janney 'Chiquis' Marin addresses rumors

Jenni's older daughter Chiquis (Janney Marin) talked about the rumor of her sleeping with her step dad and said “Don’t believe everything you read. I would NEVER do that! Never! That’s a terrible accusation.” Jenni also sent a message to her millions of fans "One of these gossip magazines approached me to do an interview and clear things up and I said I wasn’t interested....Now this means war. Please send me your prayers...I need them. Love you.”

Chiquis and mom Jenni Rivera

But that's not it Jenni's youngest son Johnny Lopez allegedly blasted one commenter on RAL “What happens in our family has nothing to do with you. leave our family dealing with this is hard enough without nosy pricks like you. Plus our fans our loyal how do you expect to release this. What are you going to gain? Fans attacking you for sure. LEAVE US ALONE YOU B*TCH!” As you know relationships are definitely not easy... but I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I get new 411. What do you believe? More Jenni Rivera News: Jenni Rivera Divorce Orginal Story Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. Lasugarbrown Gonzalez says:

    no pos wow thing are really getting hot but I will keep yall Rivera's in my prayer.

  2. All that shit is just scandalous. It's like you know one of those rumors have to be true. Now which one is it?

  3. FELCIA SILVA says:

    sont listin to anything jenny thier just jelous of chuiques porque shes really prettty n los demas que se vayan a la chingada los putos..

  4. I would like this rumor to get cleared I'm tired. Of the f n drama just get it out of the closet

    • Wilfredo Freddy Rivera Jr says:

      Honestly I was curious to know what was really going on but then I asked myself this…if this were me and my family would I want all or business out there like that? Just because their celebrity status doesn't mean they want their business shared with the whole world

  5. Joann Acosta says:

    RIP jenni rivera! Now God will till you all you need to know about the ture! Maybe family lieys put God don't!

  6. Brandy G Garza says:

    RIP we will always have you in our hearts.

  7. Susie Glover says:

    @ Joann Acosta….no disrespect but WTH.

  8. Juan Arriaga says:

    rip jenni rivera…..

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