Was Jenni Rivera’s Daughter Chiquis The Cause Of Her Divorce?

Was Jenni Rivera's Daughter Chiquis The Cause Of Her Divorce?

By Sean Esco Many people keep on asking "Why is Jenni Rivera getting a divorce?" While rumors have been flying since the announcement of her divorce last month Jenni Rivera Divorcing Again! And now according to Mexican radio personality, Maxine Woodside states that Jenni's daughter Chiquis was getting a little to close for comfort to momma's husband Esteban Loaiza.

Jenni Rivera & Daughter Chiquis

Woodside states that "during a party in Tijuana, Mexico, Chiquis allegedly got drunk and began flirting with her stepfather. Esteban Loaiza then told Jenni about the incident and that’s when La Diva de la Banda decided to take get her daughter out of the fiesta before things got worse."

Jenni Rivera deals with divorce drama & rumors!

Sources told me that "Jenni actually trusted Loaiza as much as she really could especially with all of the horrible things she has endured from past husbands. At this time she is very hurt and doesn't really know what to think anymore. She is focusing on her fans and her career."

Chiquis with mom Jenni Rivera

Our source also said that after the Tijuana flirting incident "Jenni started spying on Loaiza and her daughter Chiquis... She didn't tell me what exactly she found out, but I know what ever it was it really caused her a lot of pain.... All I know is that Jenni is a strong woman and she will overcome this and eventually the truth will be revealed."

Chiquis Rivera

All we know is that various rumors have come out saying that Jenni's daughter allegedly slept with her stepfather Esteban Loaiza. As of today both have denied the allegations Jenni Rivera Divorce Rumors Answered! and Jenni hasn't denied any of the rumors. We will keep you posted as new details are released! What do you think? Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. Ri Anderson says:

    None of this matters now, does it. Jenni was lost in a plane crash in Monterrey. Hopefully, she and her daughter made up before she died. What a thing to have on your conscience. YOU NEVER GET OVER IT. RIP Jenni!

  2. Claudia Cruz says:

    Jenni Rivera, que perdida! Yo la fui a ver al Morongo Casino en Palm Springs, un espectaculo pocas veces visto. Que descanse en paz!

  3. Mariana Leon says:

    If this bitch did sleep with Esteban she deserves an ass whoopin she'll have to live with it for the rest of her life I feel bad for her

  4. jenni te llebamos en nuestros corazones para siempre fuiste el mejor ejemplo para todas las mujeres k dios te bendiga y k te acoja en ese biaje eterno y si dios kiere nos miramos por alla cuando dios kiera k yo lebante tanbien mis alas para eseparaiso tekiero y bendisioes y buela y buela mariposita bella te amo inolbidable amiga de todos los k te amamos descansa enpas amen.

  5. No matter the real reason, i know for in fact Jenni wouldnt had put NO MAN, over her daughter. In this life you i trust no men, but my kids will always come first, if i was in this type of chismes, i will scream million of times, ..KIDS FIRST, WHY WILL U WANT TO HATE YOUR KIDS OVER A MEN U JUST BEEN FOR FEW YEARS, ….I THINK THIS PEOPLE DONT GOT NOTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO…. PLEASE LET MY JENNI R.I.P, AND STOP ALL THIS WITH CHIQUIS, SHES A WONDERFULL LADY A

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