Is Jennifer Lopez Interested In A Jenni Rivera Biopic? (Poll)

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Make Jenni Rivera Movie!

Is Jennifer Lopez Interested In A Jenni Rivera Biopic?

By Jovanny Venegas


Jennifer Lopez has always been a smart & busy business woman! According to TV Y Novelas Lopez is interested in purchasing all rights to produce a Jenni Rivera biopic through her company, Nuyorican Productions.

Reports state that J.Lo has even reached out to Rivera’s sister Rosie who is now in charge of the late singers estate and children Jenni Rivera’s Sister In Charge Of Estate and Children

As of yet there is no actual word of what Rosie is interested in doing, or what if any response she has given to Lopez.

Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera

After Jenni’s tragic death on December 9th Jenni Rivera’s Last Moments Before Her Tragic Death! Lopez expressed her condolences and said “I didn’t know her personally but I knew of her. For me, just being on tour right now, you live the same type of life. You know what I mean? It’s traveling, it’s doing shows.”

She continued with “I’m sure she was rushing to get home to her kids at that time so she took the flight at 3 in the morning. So you go like, wow, it’s just like a wake-up call for everybody. It’s tragic. She was so young, so young, and she had five kids. It just wasn’t her time, it feels like.”

As Lopez said, it definitely did not feel as it was Rivera’s time as the singer made her acting debut in the Edward James Olmos film Filly Brown out this April. The singer was also set to star in a new ABC Comedy revolving around her life.Jenni Rivera To Star In ABC Comedy!

In addition a few days ago it was announced that Rivera’s reality show I Love Jenni would continue for it’s 3rd season! Jenni Rivera’s New Reality Season Details! (Video)

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Make Jenni Rivera Movie!

Is Jennifer Lopez Interested In A Jenni Rivera Biopic?

Regarding the new movie biopic a source reported that “Lopez knows that she was very strong, a warrior…Just like the movie of Selena Quintanilla was a success for her career, she feels that Jenni deserves a movie with all the Hollywood glitz and glam.”

UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez’s team revealed that at this time there Jennifer Lopez is not creating a Jenni Rivera movie project.

But you never know as that can change in the future!

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  1. JenniFan4rmDay1 says:

    I would so looove to see a movie made about Jenni Rivera’s life:) I am sure that all of her fans would. As for me in particular, I have absolutely NO desire NONE to see Jennifer Lopez play Jenni Rivera in any way whatsoever!!! They don’t have a similarity or likeness at all! Yes, Jennifer is beautiful, talented dancer, and savvy business woman but talented actress and singer she is so not. She already used Selena role to become famous I would HATE to see her become relevant for anything other than paying a younger guy to be with her…jus sayin’ p.s. Rosie if you happen to read this rant I would looove to see your play sister if you ever entertain the idea…

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