Best & Worst Dressed Men of Latin Grammy

Singer Aneeka performs onstage during the 15th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty)

Singer Aneeka performs onstage during the 15th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty)

By Rose Claudine

We have the Best & Worst Dressed Green Carpet looks from the 2014 Latin Grammy’s!

This list is all about the men… they either looked hot, or a hotness! What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Take a look below!

Best Dressed Men

Ricky Martin looks so handsome in this all black suit. He is the definition of hot.


Sebastian Rulli is in all black looking sharp. I really like how well he looks put together.


Pablo Alboran looks great in this ensemble. He looks great and it works for him.


Carlos Pena Vega is in this all great black suit. I really love this all black look. You can’t go wrong with this color. It’s appealing and very hot.

 Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Eric Winter is looking very classic in this all black suit. Stick with the class Eric it looks great on you.

Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Tomas Ramirez looks dapper in his all black suit. A lot of men on the best dressed list dressed in all black.


Alan Tacher is looking great in a great suit with a white shirt and black bow tie.


Ruben Blades walks with style in this dark grey suit topped of with a hat.


Worst Dressed Men

Renee Perez Jogglar has some crazy writing on his shirt. This look for me screams working at the T-shirt store near Jersey Shore. Visitante of the musical group Calle 13 has this bold red tie that doesn’t work here. Visitante hat looks totally out of place.



Juano Montalvo has this white suit thing going on that is confusing. He has too many scarves around his neck for this ensemble. You might need those scarves if you went up to the North Pole to visit Santa. This look also reminds me of someone I would find in Vegas doing a show. Overall this is a really bad look. Sorry Juano maybe I should help find something better to wear next time.



Juanes brings you the whitewashed out of date. I feel like I am back in time here. I would have liked to see him like the other guys in a classic black suit.


Coreon Du’s suit is something else. It has too much going on here and it doesn’t do much for him.


•  Jose Luis Ortega and Raul Ortega’s motorcycle jackets with their tight fitted pants have to take a ride on a motorcycle and leave town. I don’t like this look for a classy event.


Flavor Flav made sure he would wear his black suit to the Latin Grammy’s and stand out. Flavor Flav needs to lose the hat and big clock around his neck. Invest in buying a wristwatch it will look really classy on you.


Miguel Bose’s look really speaks for itself. I am not sure if he got the memo that is a classy event. Miguel wants to make a statement here but not with your floral house coat. This is not the look Miguel for the Latin Grammy’s.


Juanes is sporting this grey suit with a white t-shirt under the suit. Overall the T-shirt makes it too casual for me. I would have liked to see him dress this up a bit more. You don’t have to show us your t-shirt Juanes.


What did you think of the Best & Worst Dressed List from the 2014 Latin Grammy’s? Make sure to also check out the ladies of the green carpet! Here Ladies Grammy Green Carpet

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