Best & Worst Dressed Ladies of Latin Grammy


By Rose Claudine

We have the Best & Worst Dressed Green Carpet looks from the 2014 Latin Grammy’s!

This list is all about the ladies… they either looked hot, or a hotness! You decide, check out the full list below!

Best Dressed Women Latin Grammy’s

Alessandra Ambrosio looks beautiful. She is wearing a plunging back and white mini. This look reminds me of Kim Kardashian. (Photo: Getty)


Natalia Jimenez makes a great statement with this gorgeous violet gown. It has a high neckline that makes this gown really classy.


Pamela Silva looks stunning in this beautiful cobalt blue dress. This dress has a plunging neckline.


Debi Nova goes for a beautiful black textured look that looks so classic. She looked gorgeous


Shannon De Lima looks gorgeous in this electric blue beaded gown. It really shows off her beauty.


Angelique Boyer looks stunning in this beautiful black gown. Keeping it classy with black.


Eiza Gonzalez looked so beautiful in this gold beaded gown. She looks like a princess.


Rosalyn Sanchez brings the black short number to the Latin Grammy’s and she looks stunning!


Worst Dressed Women Latin Grammy’s

Dascha Palanco is in this orange number. I would have liked to see her pick another dress. The orange stands out but I think there might have been a better choice out there for her. The dress would have looked much better without the necklace.


Laura Aleman is showing off her figure here with the dress that is revealing with black panels. I think this dress has too much going on. I would have liked to see her in a less complicated dress.


Cristal Marie went for this black and blue dress. It has a lot of beading between the two colors and I think it is a bit much. I would have liked to see her something more simple.


Violeta Martin walks the carpet in this very blue dress. I will say that I am not into this dress. I don’t like the material and the plunging neckline does not work for her.


Jacqueline Bracamontes has a belle inspired look. She has the ball gown dress down but I think of Belle when I see this dress. It is really yellow.

Rosalyn Sanchez makes both the best and worst dress list. She had two different dresses. This revealing dress is too much. I think there is too much going on. I really loved her short black mini she had on.


Miss Ya Ya has so much going on with this dress that I don’t know where to start. I think if she would have did a more low key dress that makes a statement it would have made her stand out more. I think this dress is overpowering.


Eglantina Zingg has this black and white bird like on her dress. I would have liked this dress in all black without the white.


What did you think of the Best & Worst Dressed List from the 2014 Latin Grammy’s? Make sure to also check out the men of the green carpet! Here: Men Green Carpet Looks

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