Man Contracts Ebola Virus After Stealing Cell Phone From Infected Patient!

A doctor displays collected samples of the Ebola virus at the Centre for Disease Control in Entebbe, about 37km (23 miles) southwest of Uganda's capital Kampala. Residents in western Uganda said on Thursday they were too scared to go shopping in local markets, visit churches or mosques or travel freely for fear of catching the Ebola virus which has already killed 16 people. (REUTERS/Edward Echwalu)

By Jen Lopez
Today’s SMH comes from Uganda where a man really found out that karma’s a b***h! A 40-year-old man stole a $23 cellphone from a patient in the hospital. Little did he know many people were quarantined in that hospital for an Ebola outbreak in the area. Ebola is a virus that is contagious and can cause hemorrhagic fever. It’s symptoms include diarrhea, rash, vomiting, and bleeding from every opening. The patient reported the phone was missing and shortly died after. Police tracked down the thief through all the phone calls he was making. When they found him, he was already showing symptoms of Ebola. He is currently being treated.

Man Gets Dangerous Ebola Virus After Stealing Cell Phone From Infected Patient!

If that doesn’t teach him a lesson from stealing, I don’t know what will! Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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