Mario Lopez Confronts Celebrity Haters On New Reality “H8R” Show! (Video)

Mario Lopez has a new reality show that confronts celebrity bashers or online bullies by using his celebrity friends to come face-to-face with their online tormentors. The show, “H8R,” will give the new age bullies a chance to back up their online words placing them face-to-face with the very stars they cyber stalk. “It’s one thing to meet a fan,” Lopez told Fox News Latino. “It’s another thing to meet someone who doesn’t like you.” The show debuts on the CW Wednesday evening. Similar to Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’ed” hidden cameras are used on “H8R.” Those who bash a particular celeb are confronted by them in the hopes that the ‘H8r’s’ change their perspective once they meet them in person. “Hating is not cool,” the EXTRA TV host added. “They (H8r’s) seem like angry people and they like to take it out on other people.” Joining Mario is his bestie Eva Longoria, who also gets hated on herself. Longoria offered her restaurant, Beso, to be used as a location for filming of the show. “We're friends, and try to support each other,” said Lopez. “She got hated on by a guy who thought she sold out and that she was conceited. That is completely false.” Lopez assures that Longoria “quickly converted” her foe. Looks like it is going to be a very good reality show! Check out the video below: Get The Latest News On Facebook And :

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