Octomom’s New Payday Octo Loan Commercial! (Video)

Octomom's Octoloan

By: Theo Octomom recently signed a 5-figure deal to endorse a service called Octoloan which connects users to cash lenders.

Octoloan high interest rate

Octo just shot a commercial for them this week. Problem is the loans are short term with a extremely high interest rate. Which often exceeds 600% APR. But then again what do you expect from the most financially irresponsible person who now is helping you with a solution to All your money problems! In the form of high interest cash loans.

Octomom's Octoloan

In my opinion I give this a thumbs up and a thumbs down! I give it a thumbs up for her trying to provide and take care of her family, but a thumbs down for trying "to help" people fix their money problems by appearing in a commercial for loans.

Octomom's Octoloan

What do you guys think...Would you get a Octoloan? Watch Octomom's commercial below: Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. What a joke! So does she still get to leech off welfare?

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