Ojani Noa’s Girlfriend Says J.Lo Practices Witchcraft & She Put A Spell On Salma Hayek, & Others! (Poll)

Jennifer Lopez must be thinking "when is this nightmare going to end?" And by the looks of things, it is only the beginning. In a recent interview J.Lo's ex-husband Ojani Noa's current girlfriend Claudia Vazquez is stating that Jenny from the block practices a form of witchcraft or black magic known as Santeria, which is based on based on chanting, animal sacrifice and self-induced trance states. In the interview Vazquez said "I've been told she does the worse — frightening stuff! Jennifer has a godmother in Miami, which I've never met but Ojani knows her, and she calls this woman to tell her 'do this to this person, put up a black candle, etc.' She's done spells on all her boyfriends. It's a typical thing for anybody involved in Santeria. But, even with all that, she always ends up leaving them." Vazquez also said that J.Lo landed her breakout role of "Selena" in the biopic of slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez Remembering Selena because she put a spell on Salma Hayek, who was also up for the lead but because of the black magic J.Lo was able to take the role away from Hayek.

J.Lo as Selena

Who knows but Ojani also stated said that she used to go voodoo on him on a regular basis and that immediately after they broke up, J.Lo really got into the witchcraft business and used her "powers' to do evil, instead of saving the world." Even more, he claims that all her lovers were moon-spelled by the artist: "She was doing all this religious bulls**t... to me, to Chris, to Puffy, to Anthony." It has also been said that her wedding to Ben Affleck was canceled because her spiritual 'adviser', told her what a big mistake it would be. Now we know all of this sounds a lil absurd, but can you imagine Jenny From The Block sitting in her room playing with voodoo dolls, rubbing chicken blood all over her body and casting spells on actors to land roles? What do you make out of all of this? Do you think J.Lo practices witchcraft? Take the poll below: Note: J.Lo if you do practice Santeria we promise to only write good things about you! And you were amazing in Selena. (even though I do think you stole many things from Selena's personality)
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By Krystal Xavier

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  1. Screw Jennifer Lopez! She used her resemblance to Selena(the looks is where it all ends tho)and used the Quintanilla family to get her stardom. She's a talentless hack. I've NVR given Lopez a red cent, and wouldn't even if it was for chemo. #JLoDisappearAlready

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