Premier: Beyonce’s Super Sexy ‘1+1’ (Video & Poll)

Beyoncé first debuted “1+1″ on the season finale of American Idol back in May, and it, of course, appeared on her recent album 4. But now the pop diva has dropped a music video for the love vocals-focused love ballad. Unlike the heavily produced spectacles Beyoncé often does, the video for “1+1″ is simple, much like the song itself: Beyoncé appears alone for the most of the clip, sometimes glittery, sometimes with water cascading all over her body. But she’s always: dramatic! And often with her hair blowing everywhere. (Those wind machines should get a cut of her profits.) But of course, this is Lady B we’re talking about, so that’s all standard. Would you expect anything else? The whole thing may be rather simple, but it’s hard to take your eyes off it. Watch the video and take the poll below:

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