RAL Exclusive: Kate del Castillo Plays Transexual Inmate In K-11 (Photos)

By Sean Esco

Not that long ago we exclusively took you behind the scenes from the new wild prison film K-11. Behind The Scenes of K-11. Once again RAL has new exclusive photos from the new Kafkaesque prison movie which is directed by Jules Stewart who happens to be the mother of Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

About the film: K-11 is a unit of the L.A. County jail where gay and transgender inmates are separated from the mainline population. The K-11 unit is ruled by a transsexual inmate named Mousey who is played by Mexican Soap Queen Kate del Castillo “La Reina Del Sur” (see the photo below)

Kate del Castillo plays a transexual named Mousey in K-11

The movie follows a powerful record producer played by Goran Visnjic who wakes from a drug-induced blackout to find himself locked up and classified in “K-11.” We can safely say K-11 is a crazy world full of nightmarish inmates all housed in one unit.

In a recent interview with E! News Kate del Castillo says “I play a transexual and she is bad ass!” In another interview she stated “I’m playing a transgendered [person] and that was very challenging, and that’s what I want. To be in projects that are interesting to me and [where] I will learn from the character.”

Actor & R.A.L's Jovanny Venegas & Kate del Castillo on the last day of filming after 13 hours of being in the prison

RAL also got exclusive interviews from other cast members!

Actor & R.A.L's Jovanny Venegas says that the prison was haunted!

Actor and RAL’s Jovanny Venegas said “I had a great time working on K-11. Awesome director, cast, crew everyone was great including the ghosts. (Laughs) No seriously, the prison was really haunted!  We were shooting in a real life prison which has been closed for many years. We shot for many weeks and sometimes 12-13 hour days…. I had some time to explore, there was this one specific ward – I believe it was the psych ward were I really  got a strong supernatural feeling. You can just feel it, it was intense! There was even a time I got so scared that I ran out screaming like a little girl. I actually have video of it.”
(Jovanny will be sharing that video, and other prison photos in future K-11 articles so Stay Tuned!)

The inmates of K-11 L-R Tara Buck, Markus Redmond, Billy Morrison, Luis Moncada, Jovanny Venegas, Cameron Stewart

Actress Tara Buck told RAL  ”I play Crystal in the film. I had a great time working on K-11. There are so many eclectic characters in the cast, great crew, fantastic director and tattoos for days. So much fun. Tara continued with “I think the movie is a wonderfully unique film. It’s tantalizingly twisted, dark for sure, and I think audiences will be surprised to find themselves laughing as well. It’s a very entertaining world that Jules has created. Absolutely go see it! ”

Actor Luis Moncada told RAL “Shyboy is Mousey’s Homeboy from the same hood, so they have a special connection as Homies…He would kill for her. Shyboy is also Shy, quiet and smart loves to read…Books are everything to him.”

Other actors in the film include: Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister who plays a predatory child molester, D.B. Sweeney plays the ruthless Sheriff’s Deputy, Lt. Johnson, Cameron Stewart (Kristen Stewart’s brother) plays Sledgehammer.

Check out the K-11 Teaser below:

Stay tuned with RAL as we continue to bring you more K-11 exclusives!

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