Here’s the details on Rihanna’s “MaRihanna” line of Marijuana

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It’s no surprise that Riri is the bad girl your momma warned you about. But that’s what we love about her!

Rihanna is back again with yet another business launch except this time, it’s not a perfume. We’re talking about weed.

Reports say Rihanna is developing her own line of marijuana, which will be known as “MaRihanna.” The line will also include edibles for the fancier smokers and can be expected to launch in 2016. If you’re an interested customer, I hope you live in or near Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington since those are the only states the product will be available in.


Hey, Rihanna is a business woman. Are you surprised?


Rihanna’s publicist apparently released a statement saying that the singer had no plans for a line of marijuana.
But a source close to Rihanna allegedly claimed that Riri is extremely excite, but she is finalizing everything before making the official announcement.

So I guess now it’s a waiting game. What do you think? Is Rihanna launching her own line of marijuana and would you buy it legally if your state allowed it?

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