Russell Simmons Buying Television Network To Promote Diversity

The proven businessman seeks to extend his reach and build a network that promotes real diversity. Russell Simmons divulged on Monday that he has plans of venturing into the television industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Hip Hop mogul is looking into buying a television network that focuses on diversity. During an interview at a charity event in Hong Kong, Simmons said he believes that when networks claim "diversity," what they really mean is "segregation" and an exclusive focus on black culture. "Instead, there's all these cultures that should be more integrated properly…Instead of giving Paris Hilton a show, for example, you could do one with Amber Rose. You'd be better off. One is hot, the other is not." In an effort to bring a Hollywood feel to network TV, he is currently working with Brian Grazer, producer behind the films 8 Mile and American Gangster, and Ron Howard who worked with Grazer on films like A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13. Although an official announcement has not yet been issued, Simmons emphasized that he would definitely follow through with the business plan. "Now you've heard about it," he said. "It's going to happen." via the urban daily

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  1. Tony Filson says:

    I’ve really got to tip my hat to Russell. This will be a huge success from a business and creative perspective. There is a real market with vast monetization channels across 6-10 media platforms if this is done right. From my perspective based on the experience I’ve had with multiculture markets you need to look at the vast audience this product speaks to that is under served yet the P&G’s, Coke, Yum, Ford’s and others want access to. Here is just one example of one small step that could represent commerical success:
    From a creative perspective original programming, co-pro, sydication and online / mobile and OOH will be important. The OEM’s / XBOX / SPS are easy to monetize too. I really wish him well. He seems like a great guy who has heart. TF/

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