SMH: Country Singer Has A Butt Malfunction

SMH: Country Singer Kristin Chenoweth Butt Malfunction

Beyoncé, J.Lo, and Nicki Minaj better watch their back. Or at the very least, their butt. Why? There's a new big booty girl on the block named Kristen Chenoweth's. SMH we obviously know it's fake. Better yet were happy to know that not only is it fake but that the singer was not trying to play it off like it was real. SMH because if she was, we would be sending personal messages to fire her stylist for letting her perform looking a #hotmess. Allegedly the act was for good fun. Uhu, that's what they all say, you know deep down you wished you had a #BOB! (Big Ol Booty) Click the "Like" button above to share on facebook Like Us On Facebook:
Read the complete story below: The pint-sized singer got a lot of attention at the American Country Awards. First, she showed some skin in a gorgeous HONOR gown. While some say she looked sleazy, I say she looked sexy. Chenoweth then made the audience laugh when she shook her over-stuffed rear-end while singing along to Trace Adkin's "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk." Either way, her booty-wiggling performance is hilarious and was a huge hit at the show! "I gave good badonkydonk," the Tony award winner tweeted after the show, adding. "Goodnight all! I had so much fun with @traceadkins. I love u honey!"

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