SMH: Girlfriend Suing Boyfriend For Tattooing Feces With Flies On Back! (Photos)

SMH: Girlfriend Suing Boyfriend For Tattooing Feces With Flies On Back

By Sean Esco Our SMH of the day comes from a nice trailer park in Ohio. And just as the title reads is exactly what happened, reports state that Rossie Brovent is suing her ex-boyfriend for tattooing a pile of feces with flies all over it. We definitely have to SMH at this sh*tty ordeal. Read the complete report below: Tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent. She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it. Apparently Ryan found out that she had cheated with a long-time friend of his and this was his way of getting even. Originally Rossie tried to have Ryan charged with assault but it turns out this crafty tattoo artist got her to sign a consent form prior to the tattoo and it said that the design was ‘at the artists discretion’, she claims; “he tricked her by drinking a bottle of cheap wine with me and doing tequila shots before I signed it and got the tattoo”. “Actually I was passed out for most of the time, and woke up to this horrible image on my back.” Check out other RAL Exclusive SMH stories below: SMH: Brazilian Woman Wins Court Battle To Masturbate at Work! (Poll & Photos) SMH: Chinese Restaurant Serves All You Can Eat Penis! (Video & Photos) SMH: Woman Arrested For Biting Boyfriend’s Penis! SMH: 24-Year-Old Woman Attacks 12-Yr-Old Girl For "Looking At Her Man!" SMH: Hilarious Cell Phone Autocorrects (Photos)"

SMH: Girlfriend Suing Boyfriend For Tattooing Feces With Flies On Back

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  1. King says:

    That’s what the triffling chick gets!

  2. Bystander says:

    She got what she deserves. Imagine how he must feel getting cheated on. Don’t cheat. Whore.

  3. Wig says:

    Gotta agree with everyone else. She got a self-portrait tattooed on her back. My co-worker could use a tattoo like this one.

  4. my 2 cents says:

    I think she deserved it…skank

  5. Jack Mehoff says:

    I feel bad for Winnie..the Pooh.

  6. whatdidyouthinkwouldhappen says:

    She so deserved it, everyone keeps saying “yeah but thats permanent, what he did to her” ….are you high? What she did isn’t permanent either? Serves the skank right. Hope you see it everyday and remember what a whore you are.

  7. Miss Valium says:

    Pretty shitty tattoo.. Pun intended. I mean, seriously though.. Had he actually attempted to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back it probably wouldn’t have looked much better. Dude looks like he sucks at tattooing. But, nonetheless, she is a big human turd for cheating and deserves every bit of what she got.

  8. Kristina says:

    The hoe deserved it, who sleeps with someone’s best friend? Only a hoe does.

  9. Some asshole guy says:

    All the guy in this case has to do is walk into court and say she had him put the work on her back as a token of her appreciation to him for taking him back as she prior to this tattoo idea seen him as a pile of shit yet wanted him from her attraction towards him being as that of flies to shit. Hence their having been drinking to celebrate their reconciliation. Said guy in this case could then sue that bitch for having broke up with him, since the before said story is impossible of being proved as wrong, for having dumped then sued in for revenge all so she could lushly start herself a new life with her new guy being whom she cheated on said guy in this case with. End of story.

    … Disclaimer: Those who don’t like what was said do so out of aggravation from knowing how true it probably is for the most part. ~ Have a nice day.

  10. Jay says:

    Ever consider that the turd who got her drunk and did this to her maybe didnt deserve her loyalty in the first place? Maybe she cheated on him because he’s (obviously) an asshole? If he’d drugged her and raped her instead of this would that be cool too? Or are you neanderfuck pricks too busy assuming that the guy is always right?

  11. This is assault and battery at its finest. What was he thinking? He got her drunk and abused her. Doesn’t sound like such a great bf to me folks.
    And if I’m not mistaken, you have to be in the right mind frame in order to sign a contract; and both parties need to enter the contract in good faith. Although it was to his “discretion” he still has an obligation to act in good faith {best for the client (client being GF) interest} = bad faith.
    His intentions were prior to and thought of in advance = intentional tort.
    There’s so many laws being violated here smh I wish I were her attorney:
    Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    False Imprisonment
    I’m trying to figure out why she’s only requesting $100k :-\

  12. says:

    This just popped up on my fb feed. Even though it’s a funny tattoo, I’d sue him too and I think she should win. He should at least have to pay for a cover up or removal.

    I love my ink, don’t regret any of it but I know a few people with names of exes on them that they wish they hadn’t gotten. That’s why I’ll never get any names on me except my kids because it’s not like I’m going to break up with them.

  13. Sebastian says:

    at his funeral you didnt chose him as a fiernd, he chose you, and if you were his fiernd it was a privilage.I love that he only tattooed you last year, and dispite his eyesight it looks great.. i must admit i am very jealous.Emma Rodwell (Emma Connett)xxx

  14. Awww- the tramp doesn't like the truth be tattooed on her!

  15. Elijah Wiler says:

    She wanted a scene from Narnia, that's what she got.

  16. Anthony Ley says:

    I shat my pants laughing. ;D

  17. Anthony Ley says:

    I shat my pants laughing. ;D

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