SMH: Husband Knocks Wife Unconscious With A Pineapple!

SMH: Husband Knocks Wife Unconscious With A Pineapple!

Our SMH of the day comes from Ann Arbor, Michigan where a man is accused of knocking out his wife unconscious with a pineapple. We know the story sounds a bit funny but it's really no laughing matter especially since it deals with domestic violence. Reports state that the 34-year-old woman was sent to the hospital after her 42-year-old husband hit her in the head with pineapple and knocked her unconscious during an argument. According to reports, local hospital staff where the ones who notified police of the assault. But police have not been able to arrest the man because the victim is not cooperating with police and is not releasing any kind of information to be able to arrest her husband. The case is still currently under investigation. Like Us On Facebook:
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