SMH: On Lookers Restrain Male Robbery Victim And Let Woman Attacker Get Away By Mistake!

SMH: On Lookers Restrain Male Robbery Victim And Let Woman Criminal Get Away By Accident!

By Jen Lopez Here’s a quick tip for people who are trying to be heroes, make sure you get the right bad guy! Today’s SMH comes from New Jersey where a couple saw a robbery going on. They tried to do a good thing and help the victim, but instead they ended up helping the robber by mistake. A woman stole $400 in cash and a $500 gold chain from a 26-year-old male. The good Samaritan couple automatically assumed that the woman was being robbed by the man, so they held the man while the woman ran away. When the man tried to chase the woman, the couple restrained him back. To make matters worse, the 26-year-old male was drunk and spoke very little English. It was hard to communicate to the couple that they were holding the wrong person. Police officials released the couple after determining they were not involved in the robbery. So maybe next time, they should observe what’s really happening and not assume anything! Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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