Sofia Vergara Goes Topless In GQ Mexico (Hot Photos)

Sofia Vergara Rocks The Cover Of GQ Mexico

Sofia Vergara went topless and is rocking the cover on GQ Mexico. The magazine described Sofia as a "natural viagra" and a walking Jessica Rabbit. During the interview with GQ Mexico Sofia talked about her character Gloria on Modern Family. Sofia stated (translated) "Many people don't know where my character Gloria ends and were I begin as Sofia." She continues with "Gloria was a character that was written exactly for me. She's a combination of who I am.... as a mother, as a Latin woman. With Gloria I express myself in a natural manner, with a Spanish accent. At first in the U.S. market I wanted to lose my Spanish accent, but now I don't care, I talk with a Spanish accent and people like it and I have fun with it." The magazine asked the actress how she felt being considered a sex-symbol at almost 40-years-old. Sofia replied with (translated) "I'm happy with it, of course it is kind of weird, I remember when my mom was 40-years-old and I used to think she was "older." And now I'm included on the list of the woman with the best butt or breasts next to actresses who are 20-years-younger than me such as Mila Kunis or Megan Fox. This definitely represents a great satisfaction for me. Just imagine I have a son their same age." She is definitely looking good at almost 40 years old! See the sexy photos below: [scrollGallery id=13] Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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  1. Wow! She’s gorgeous but why would she do that??

  2. Cashmere, via Facebook says:

    Well u only live once.. n she ain’t gettin no younger.. so b4 she got saggy, she made everlasting memories.. lol.. so imma run around naked too.. Haha! That would be scary ;(

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