Update: Chris Brown Sex Scandal With Male R&B Singer (Photos, Video & Poll)

Many people don't know what to believe regarding the gay love drama between Chris Brown and Martyn. Some people have stated that they think Martyn did all of this for publicity and others have stated that he was paid good money to keep his mouth quiet. Sources have reported that Martyn does state that he is "bi-sexual." But who the SMH knows what the deal is. Taletela has reported that "Chris Brown has denied that he had an affair with R&B singer Martyn, and has also hinted that he may press for a lawsuit over the rumors." They also continued with "A source close to Martyn, came forward with supposed photographic evidence of conversations allegedly between Chris and the unknown singer which suggested that they had an intimate relationship. The conversations also called out Trey Songz and Omarion for having sex with Martyn." And "Now, Chris has been forced to deny the rumours, saying that Martyn is out for fame. "Music drowns out the noise! Focus drowns out the ignorant," Breezy wrote on his Twitter." Click on "Like" button Above to share this article Like Us On Facebook:
The next thing you have to do is listen to Martyn's interview, the dude sounds like he has no idea what to say. It's almost like he wants to continue talking but he is afraid of who knows what. What do you think of this ordeal? See the tweets, video and take the poll below:

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