Wendy Williams Slams Rihanna Again Calling Her *** (Video)

Daytime talkshow host Wendy Williams continues slamming Rihanna. First Wendy sounded off on her talk show and said that she thought that Rihanna would never be a legend. She said "Rihanna is good for right now, but she's not a legend. Nor will she be." Wendy continued slamming the singer. Watch what else she added in the video below:
And now Wendy is going off again and basically calling Rihanna a ho*. Wendy said "Rihanna is not girlfriend material. Am I wrong? Rihanna is the kind of girl, yeah she's hot and sexy... you do her... then you take your penicillin." Watch the video below!
Many people have said that they thought that Wendy hated Rihanna. But just last week on #WendyGlam, Wendy selected Rihanna as her look of the day Rihanna’s #bobhaircut trend.
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