Woman Arrested For Cooking & Killing Her Baby In Microwave!

A California mother was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday after police said she cooked her baby in a microwave. Ka Yang, 29, was taken into custody three months after her week-old baby was found dead, Sacramento Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said. Leong said it took several months to determine the child's burns did indeed come from a microwave, using medical analysis and findings from three other U.S. cases. Among them was a case involving Dayton, Ohio, woman convicted this year of baking her baby in a microwave. Yang's baby was found dead at the family's residence on March 17, after a male relative called to report the incident, Leong said. Child welfare workers have since removed Yang's three boys, who are all under age 7, from her home, Leong said. Sacramento police said they do not know what would have led Yang to allegedly put her baby in the microwave. She was being held without bail in Sacramento County jail. via reuters

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