Woman Attacks City Hall With Roadkill

Burlington, VT PD

Burlington, VT PD

Today's SMH of the day comes from a woman in Burlington, VT who attacked a City Hall with roadkill! Police in Vermont say a woman who might have been angry about a dead raccoon left on a street took its bloody carcass to City Hall and angrily slammed it against the building's doors. Burlington police say the woman left the raccoon's body outside City Hall before walking off one morning. Witnesses have told the Burlington Free Press the animal might have been hit on a nearby street and that the woman might have been upset no one from the city had come to collect it. Police say the woman faces a possible vandalism charge. They also say her actions created a public health hazard. They're seeking the public's help in identifying the woman. What do you think? And speaking of roadkill what about the man whose been eating roadkill for the last 30 years? Follow RAL On Facebook And :

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