Woman Fired After Racist Rant Video Toward Latino Family Goes Viral

Laura Bennett seen above yelling racist epithets at a Latino family in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Laura Bennett seen above yelling racist epithets at a Latino family in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Laura Bennett, the woman who was seen calling a Latino family “wetb*cks” and other racial epithets in a viral video has allegedly been fired from her job.

After Bennett’s video went viral, the woman later apologized. She told KJCT in Grand Junction, Colo that she used “inappropriate” words out of anger and frustration.

The family of Yolanda Flores Chavez, the woman who was targeted in the video, said her apology doesn’t sound sincere.

The ordeal took place outside the Mesa County Health Department in Grand Junction. The victim
Flores-Chavez had taken her son to get a physical, so he could play football.

In the video, Bennett could be seen screaming at Flores Chavez, “Be the wetb*ck coming to get services honey. You! Your kind! You’re the one that gives brown people a bad name.”

Continuing with, “F**king just want to get something for nothing. Just get yourself a job.”

During Bennett’s attack Yolanda, who’s lived in this country legally for 23 years, got flustered and replied in Spanish.

Bennett then yelled, “Speak English b*tch. It’s America. Put that on YouTube,” and then, “Down with Mexicans who don’t learn the language of the world.”

The video ended with Bennett saying “God**m Wetb*cks!”

Yolanda’s daughter Wendy Flores who recorded the video told KJCT “I’m angered by the fact that everything she said, she assumed….My mom was not there to get assistance. She was there so my brother could get a physical.”

“As soon as I saw the video…my heart started racing and my blood just boiled because I couldn’t believe that stuff was being said to my mom,” said Haily Flores, Yolanda’s other daughter.

“I guess what upset me the most,” Haily said, “was that she was telling my mom to get a job. She has a fulltime job and that’s taking care of us, taking care of my Dad and others who are in our house. We’ve never had to ask for help.”

Haily Flores told Denver7 she thinks Bennett’s only regret is “being exposed.”

“She wouldn’t even admit to being racist,” Flores said.

“She regrets what she said because I posted it and it went viral,” Wendy Flores said. “I bet she regrets it because people are seeing her true colors. This is who she is.”

Sherman Perez from the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition told Denver7 that the rant points to a certain ignorance that still exists about people of color.

“The assumption, based on the (victim’s) language and skin color, were that she was using public benefits,” Sherman Perez said.

She added that posting the video online is a great way to start the conversation about racism and fear.

Watch the video below!


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